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Surgical Orthodontics

In some cases, orthodontics alone cannot fix the underlying problems and Gippsland Orthodontics have to work with other speciality team members to obtain an ideal outcome. When the lower and upper jaws are not aligned properly, they can potentially impact a patient in many ways. These may include the ability to function and bite properly, the facial appearance and in some patients, the inability to breath correctly.

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Early Treatment

Our team at Gippsland Orthodontics encourage parents to bring their children in for an early assessment to ensure a healthy smile. The Australian Society of Orthodontists and Orthodontics Australia recommend that children be seen by a specialist orthodontist between the ages of 7 to 10 years. During this time, kids will have a mix of baby and adult teeth, and this helps us determine if there are any developing concerns.

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Clear Braces

In many cases, braces are the perfect choice as they are efficient, effective and the fastest option. However, you may have disregarded them off due to the aesthetic appearance... So, there is another option! Ceramic braces may be the perfect alternative option for you. Ceramic braces are traditional braces; however, they are made from a clear or tooth-coloured ceramic material instead of metal. You may want to consider these if you are self-conscious and worried about the aesthetics of wearing braces. Saying that, these braces are not completely invisible and still need a little bit of tender loving care (yep, some TLC!) to ensure they don’t stain.

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Clear Aligners

You are probably asking what is a clear aligner? Well, you may have heard of Invisalign which are one type of clear aligners. There are many other companies out there who do clear aligners. And guess what... Dr Adam Wallace spent 3 years completing his Doctorate of Clinical Dentistry studying the absolute ins and outs of clear aligners (specifically, the Invisalign system of aligners). Therefore, he is the most trained and educated in the Gippsland area on Invisalign and clear aligner treatment.

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There are so many orthodontic treatment options to choose from! Conventional metal braces are the traditional time-tested way to align and straighten over-crowded and misaligned teeth. They are appropriate for children, adolescents or adults and are generally more affordable than other alternatives. Additionally, they are super effective in aligning teeth and can sometimes be quicker when fixing specific concerns, especially those complex issues.Some people, particularly adults, may be concerned about the appearance of metal braces; however, these braces are becoming increasingly subtle. Metal braces involve brackets bonded to each individual tooth. There are then archwires placed with and elastic bands to help move teeth into the correct positions. Saying that, there are numerous advancements in metal braces recently!

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