Welcome to Gippsland Orthodontics!

We pride ourselves on the ability to combine a warm and welcoming environment with our modern state-of-the-art facilities.

Our team is conscious of the carbon footprint. We are proud to offer you the digital processes that allow us to minimise paper use in the clinic. We also offer the ability to digitally scan mouths and teeth, rather than taking conventional ‘moulds’ of teeth with the old-fashioned putty. This previous process was messy, unpleasant and not comfortable. Fortunately, at Gippsland Orthodontics we use up-to-date technology with a 3Shape intraoral scanner that uses a small, wand-like device to scan the teeth and jaws.

Our facilities have been carefully designed to make you feel at home. You can have peace of mind that we follow the highest standards of infection control and hygiene with continuous disinfection of water lines of equipment. Our rigorous disinfection protocols are carefully followed and at the same time being environmentally friendly. We use Ozone disinfection of most common surfaces instead of harsh chemicals that can ultimately harm nature.

Our comfort menu has been carefully selected to provide the most comfortable experience. We offer the ability to watch TV screens mounted to the roof during orthodontic appointments. You just need to take a seat, relax and enjoy!