There are so many orthodontic treatment options to choose from!

Conventional metal braces are the traditional time-tested way to align and straighten over-crowded and misaligned teeth. They are appropriate for children, adolescents or adults and are generally more affordable than other alternatives. Additionally, they are super effective in aligning teeth and can sometimes be quicker when fixing specific concerns, especially those complex issues.

Some people, particularly adults, may be concerned about the appearance of metal braces; however, these braces are becoming increasingly subtle. Metal braces involve brackets bonded to each individual tooth. There are then archwires placed with and elastic bands to help move teeth into the correct positions. Saying that, there are numerous advancements in metal braces recently! These include:

Smaller brackets

Thinner or tooth coloured archwires

Clear elastic bands are available

We don’t have to take away all the fun though; if you want to add a bit of customised colour to your treatment, there are options for colours around your braces and rubber bands.

Why do we use metal braces?

Many people choose braces to straighten their teeth, but they also serve an important role in dental health.

Teeth that are crowded or poorly aligned can be more difficult to clean which may result in gum disease or tooth decay. Other things that can be affected include speech, chewing difficulties and abnormal wear to teeth. Ideally, braces can help prevent these types of problems before they become severe.

Metal braces are really good at closing gaps between teeth and fixing complex issues including crossbites, overbites, underbites, openbites, crooked teeth, gaps and other tooth and jaw issues. They work by applying continuous pressure to slowly move teeth over a period of time. As your teeth move, your bone will also change shape around the teeth. Ideally, as the teeth move, they are guided along an archwire which is also used to coordinate the teeth on the top and bottom jaw to obtain a perfect bite! The aim is to achieve an improved fit of all the teeth and healthier bite.

At Gippsland Orthodontics, we know that every person and their mouth is different, so we tailor metal braces to each person. We work to fit the treatment to you and want to find the appropriate approach and treatment to help you achieve the smile you want.

Any extra tips for braces?

Yes! Life is pretty much the same with braces – just with some little extra care required. Daily activities will be the same including sports, eating, drinking and having to take care of your teeth! You will have to spend a little longer brushing your teeth, gums and mouth. There will also be some foods and drinks to be careful of. Special mouthguards can be worn for sports too. But guess what, these little things will benefit that smile when the treatment is finished!

Wondering about the options are available to you or wanting to improve that smile? Give Gippsland Orthodontics a call or contact us here